It’s all about confidence

I probably lost the confidence to draw when I was about 6 and my kindergarden teacher told me that my picture was not as pretty as those of my friends. Despite the obligatory arts classes I had to take in high school until year 12, my confidence in drawing didn’t exactly improve. I never even thought about it that way, but the normal order says that there are children that are good at it, and I was not one of them. I remember that for my last art projects, my mum would help me drawing them and doing some improvement work so thy it wouldn’t mess up my average grade. At some point, I think, I didn’t even try to do it myself anymore. After Friday’s class, I wouldn’t call myself confident yet but I guess it has changed a little. I kind of figured that I have come quite far and that I am good at other things, so why bother – just try it. The results may still look like a 5-year old’s present for Mother’s Day, but I guess it’s about practice. When we started on the vanishing-point drawing, I was a little more satisfied with what I can do because I remember an entire semester in high school dealing with this topic. I guess it makes a difference to be able to say: “I have done this before, I remember how to do it.” Another reason might be that it is quite technical, it is a little like geometry, which doesn’t exactly require a lot of creativity. So thanks for the push, I think it was exactly what some people needed in regards to confidence in drawing, myself included. I have to say that I felt a little anxiety because of this class and my lack of creativity and the ability to express myself. By the way, I loved that Corinne even wore a matching shirt for the occasion (unicorn on counselor’s couch rings a bell?!?).

The following article is very interesting in regards to this topic. The issue we apparently have with not being creative enough is not only about confidence but also about the boundaries we were taught while growing up. For children, nothing seems impossible.




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