Creating your own logo – endless options

Two weeks ago, our task was to sketch 50 logos for a brand we would create. This assignment came right after we had our session that seemed like a therapist session for my inner-artists self esteem and I think I just wasn’t sure enough if I could develop it in time for this assignment to be due.

So, after I gave myself a few days to ‘think’ about it, I started with my sketches, deciding that my brand should sell high quality, safe baby beds to parents that want the best for their children and their sleep. Although I only to managed around 25 sketches in 2(!) hours, I was quite proud of myself and sure that I would be able to transfer one of those logos into Adobe Illustrator. What I hadn’t taken into account was that I had to decide on one eventually, which turned out to be not so easy after all. In the end, I made the decision with the help of my fellow classmates during the next session after we were given the ‘kill off your babies’ talk.

By the end of that session, I had created a basic outline of my chosen logo in Adobe Illustrator but wasn’t that happy after all. I mean, I think it still needs a lot of work  (you can have a look for yourself) 🙂

I am hoping that the next weeks of sessions will help me to develop a little further and I will definitely keep watching Illustrator tutorials on YouTube and checking WikiHow ( thanks to those people who upload these!


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