The endless power of shapes

In last week’s session, we started to work with basic shapes to create pictures in Illustrator, and honestly, I was impressed. I don’t know if it is just me, but I don’t usually actually see sales in logos or pictures right away. I can see them if someone points them out so me, but I guess everybody can do that.

So, while Corinne was talking to my classmates we got creative with some shapes and pictures that we had to create in Illustrator. Of course, I needed  help again but I could tell that I am getting more and more confident with what I am doing in Illustrator, however I am not saying I know how to use it properly. Here are some outcomes of Friday’s work:

Next week I am on to work on my logo again, we will see how I profited from all that playing around with shapes, maybe I should rethink how I created my cloud by painting it by hand with the illustrator paintbrush and recreate one based on shapes, this might be the nicer option.

The article below kind of summarizes what we did last week, playing around with shapes to create something new! I really enjoyed this because now I (believe to) know how I could do the same thing!


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