InDesign – Love or hate relationship?

So, over the last 48 hours of this weekend I had to figure out what kind of relationship there is between me and Adobe InDesign. Interestingly enough, the whole thing only started on Friday during our Branding Design class – before that I didn’t even know this programme existed.

After the first few hours of frustration – trying to put together a branding guideline for the brand that each of us created over the last weeks – I actually started enjoying it. I have to admit that it took me some time and by Saturday evening, my eyes were so tired that I couldn’t look at the screen anymore. However, when I started working on it today, I was actually quite excited about it and really enjoyed working with it. Even when I stumbled over problems, after a quick google search and some reading on it I was able to fix most of the problems. That indeed is a confidence boost.

Now, after working on my design guideline for 12 hours today, I am exhausted but very happy to be able to say that I managed to be mostly done – of corse I will probably spend some more hours on making minor changes – but the rest is done!

What I have learned during this weekend with my new relationship with InDesign is that even though you might have no idea what you are doing in the beginning, if you really want to learn it, your possibilities are endless (I might have said the exact same thing in an earlier blogpost). I am really proud of myself that I managed to devote myself to InDesign this weekend and that I (hopefully) will be rewarded for all the hard work. I definitely learned more than how to use InDesign but also something about myself.

Of corse, I didn’t just figure everything out myself. This link ( helped me for some basic information, including the google search tool and of corse, all my classmates who spend their weekend exactly like me – in building up a new relationship.

!!UPDATE!! 05/03/15:

Yesterday, I had to design a newspaper advert for my job at the university and I was able to do it quite quickly and it didn’t look too bad in the end. I was very proud of myself. So I definitely think that this will help me in the future, even though I might not be an expert with those programmes, I now have some ground to grow on.


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