Today we learn how to: take photographs…

…interesting, I always though I kind of knew how a photograph is taken, even considering the technique behind it when I think back to my 7th grade physics lessons.

But I was proven wrong and I learned that taking photos is so much more than just capturing a moment on a piece of paper (on nowadays, digital photos). A photo can speak for itself, can say more than 1,000 words (well, ok, I think I’ve heard that somewhere before). But what was quite challenging about out little photoshoots we had to do was that if you are told what to do, it can be quite difficult vocals you usually take photos of people or items you know quite well or you have in mind what the photo should look like in the end. But now, this mind image was not my own, it was in someone else’s mind.

Even though it was quite hard to accomplish the task we were given, I think it helped me understand how photographers work and how I can make their life easier (or harder) by explaining what I want and us the right words. The following article is an extensive collection of words and expressions that are quite useful for ‘speaking photography’, however, I think it actually told me more than I wanted to know (

I believe that the exercise we did in Friday’s class will help us in the future with any marketing project we might have that require some sort of visuals, not only photography necessarily. I am actually quite excited now for the next project and cannot wait to see what the other groups will come up with! The last class with the presentations should be a lot of fun 🙂Foto BrandingHere is an example of the photos we took in Friday’s class. Afterwards, we learned that the requirement was for car tires, another argument for the importance of communication!


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