Exploring Adobe Photoshop

cokecan textDuring our last lecture, I had the pleasure to play around with Adobe Photoshop for the first time ever! I have heard many things about it before, that it is the greatest program ever but that ‘normal’ people won’t be able to use it ever! Therefore, I was a little scared to be honest because I couldn’t believe how I was supposed to learn working with it in only a few hours.

In the lecture we were shown what the different tools are used for, with our lecturer going though the different functions and showing us some examples. Afterwards, we were encouraged to work on a picture of a Diet Coke can. We had to select the can using different selection tools and then erase the background, improve the lighting on the can and place a solid colour in the background. The last task was to give the newly created ad a slogan. Oh, and we learned about the importance of working in layers! The outcome can be seen in the picture attached.

After finishing this task, which tool me longer than one would imagine from above description, I felt slightly more confident with the programme as it was not as scary anymore to sit in front of the screen with all the different functions I had no clue about. However, when working on the group project in Photoshop, I learned that my patience wasn’t endless and I really needed to pull myself together. Of course, during the lecture we only had time to talk about the very basic functions and when it came to editing the pictures for our project, Google proved to be very helpful again as well as tutorials on YouTube. Here is an example of what I used to fix problems I had during the process: http://www.photoshopessentials.com/basics/.

I am glad that we got to know Photoshop a little during this course as I am sure it will be helpful to know some basics for when I am working. In the short-term, it will really help me with my dissertation as I will create experiments  where I show fictitious brand alliances ads, which will require some photoshopping of packaging that does not really exist. So, I am grateful that I will, with some work and patience, be able to create those ads in Photoshop myself as I could not have done experiments otherwise.


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